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Quick Start: Publish a Data Source to Tableau Online

You can publish data sources so that other Tableau Desktop users can connect to your data, and to have updates you make to the published data source flow to all workbooks that rely on it. This topic assumes you are familiar with setting up your data model and signing in to Tableau Online. For more information, see the related links at the bottom.

For help publishing data to Tableau Server, see Quick Start: Publish a Data Source to Tableau Server.

1 Sign in and initiate publishing

  1. If you’re not already signed in to the site you want to publish to, select Server > Sign In, and sign in the way you normally to do Tableau Online.

  2. Select ServerPublish Data Source. If your workbook is connected to multiple data sources, you can select the data source you want to publish.

  3. In the Publish data source to Tableau Server dialog box, do the following:

    • Select the project you want to publish to and enter the data source name.
    • Add a description and tags that will help other users find your data source

2 Select the authentication type

The options available for accessing the data source depend on the type of data you publish. For descriptions of all of the authentication types, see Set Credentials for Accessing Your Published Data in the Tableau Desktop Help.

Information appears at the bottom of the dialog box to let you know whether you need to take further action, such as adding Tableau Online to your data provider's authorized list.

3 Use the published data source

By default, when you publish, Tableau updates the workbook you're publishing from to use the published data source, and then closes the local data source. You can clear this check box if you want the workbook to continue to use the local data source.

For more information, see Quick Start: Automatically Update Workbook to Use Published Data Source.

4 Set up a refresh schedule

As you publish an extract of a data source that Tableau Online cannot reach directly, such as one that you maintain inside your organization's firewall, you are prompted to start the Tableau Online sync client and set up a scheduled refresh for that data source. Select the computer on which you want to run the sync client (My Computer is the computer you are publishing from).