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Manage Data > Refresh Data from a Local Computer > Change Connection or Refresh Settings

Change Sync Client Connection or Refresh Settings

This topic describes how to view status information and update data source information in the Tableau Online sync client.

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To learn about changing the way the sync client runs or the computer or site it’s associated with, see Change the Sync Client Computer or Site.

Verify the last or next refresh date and time

  1. Open the sync client from the Windows system tray on your computer.

  2. In the list of data sources, select the one for which you want to view the refresh times.

    The sync client shows the last actual updated time and next scheduled update time.

Embed or update database credentials

If you want to send scheduled updates to SQL Server, Oracle, or other data sources that require user authentication, you need to store those credentials in the connection information in the sync client.

Note: For extracts that you refresh through the sync client, you need to do this even if you embedded credentials when you published the data source, or otherwise added them directly to the Data Connection page on Tableau Online. (For these extracts, you do not need to store credentials on Tableau Online.)

  1. Open the sync client, point to the data source, and click the Edit icon () that appears.

  2. Enter the user name and password for accessing the data, and click Save.

Change the file path for a linked data source

If you send data updates from a Microsoft Excel workbook, or a .csv or .txt file, you will need to update the file location in the sync client if you move that file.

  1. Open the sync client, point to the data source, and click the Edit icon () that appears.

  2. In the file path dialog box, provide the updated information and click Save.

See also

For information about changing a data source’s refresh schedule, see Create a Schedule for a Sync Client Data Source.