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Applies to: Tableau Desktop, Tableau Online, Tableau Public, Tableau Server


You can automatically compute grand totals and subtotals for the data in a view. By default Tableau uses the underlying data to compute totals. However, if you are using a multidimensional data source you can specify whether to compute the total on the server using the underlying data or locally using the data that you see in the table. In Tableau Desktop, multidimensional data sources are supported only in Windows.

To add totals to the view:

  1. On the left side of the workspace, click the Analytics pane.

  2. Drag and drop Totals onto one of the options in the Add Totals dialog box that appears.

You can also add grand totals and subtotals to the view using the Analysis menu. To do so, select Analysis > Totals, and then select to add row or column grand totals, or subtotals.