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Install for Others

Install for Others

The articles in this section describe how to automate the task of deploying Tableau Desktop for multiple users across an organization. The information is intended for administrators who install and maintain Tableau for other users.

Note: If you're deploying Tableau Desktop to a single computer for yourself, see the Install for Yourself section of this guide.

This section focuses primarily on using command-line commands to manage deployment and upgrades for Tableau. You can also script the commands. If you're using a system management system (for example, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager), there are a few extra steps you might need to take, which we describe in this section.

Contents of this section

This section provides the following articles:

  • Plan Your Tableau Desktop Deployment. This article provides information that you should be aware of before you start a deployment or upgrade for users in your organization.

  • Internet Access Requirements. Tableau Desktop requires internet access for some functions. This article describes what you might need to do to configure the computer or the network to allow Tableau to have internet access.

  • Deploy Tableau Desktop. This article documents the syntax and options for using command-line commands for installing and configuring Tableau Desktop.

  • Configure Tableau Desktop Reporting. This article describes how to set up license reporting (if you have Tableau Server) to track usage of Tableau Desktop.

  • Control Product Updates. This article describes how to control maintenance updates for your users and how to control which product version the user can upgrade to.

  • Change Installation Settings after Installation. This article describes how to change some of your installation settings after installation is complete.

  • Troubleshoot Tableau Desktop Installation. This article lists issues that might come up during deployment and suggestions for how to resolve those issues.