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Tableau Mobile is the fastest way to explore and share content published to Tableau Online or Tableau Server 8.2 and later.

You can download Tableau Mobile for free from the App Store or Google Play. If the app version you see there differs from your server version, it will still work great. Just make sure your mobile device has iOS 9 or later, or Android 4.4 or later.

Sign in to Tableau Server or Tableau Online

  1. (iOS only) Tap Sign in.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Enter your Tableau Server name, or select it from the list of recent servers.

    • Tap Tableau Online if you publish your content to a Tableau-hosted site.

  3. (Tableau Server only) If you have access to multiple sites, select the site you want to sign in to.

    To later switch to another site, tap the name of the server you’re signed in to, and then tap the site.

Navigate the app

You can interact with your published content on any of three tabs.

  • Favorites shows sheets and workbooks that you've chosen for quick access.

  • Recents shows up to 12 recently visited workbooks and 12 worksheets.

  • All shows thumbnails for each workbook, as well as each sheet the workbook contains.

Add favorites for quick access

  1. Tap Recents or All.

  2. Tap the star next to the workbook or view you want to add to Favorites.

    Note: Tip: If the workbook list is large, use the search and sort features to narrow it down.

Browse the gallery (iOS only)

When you start Tableau Mobile, you see a gallery of sample views. Browse the Tableau Gallery to learn how to interact with published views and get inspiration for creating your own elegant dashboards.

  1. Tap a workbook, and then swipe left or right to see snapshot images of each dashboard.

  2. To interact with the data, tap a snapshot image.

Help us improve Tableau Mobile

By default, Tableau Mobile sends information about app usage to Tableau that we use to improve product features and performance. None of your confidential data or personal identification is included.

  1. To opt out of this program at any time:

    • (iOS) Tap Settings, and then swipe down and tap Tableau at left.

    • (Android) From the main app page, click the menu at the upper-left, and tap Settings.

  2. Turn off Improve Tableau Mobile.