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Tableau Help

Tableau Help contains all help topics related to analyzing and consuming data in Tableau.

This help is for people who create workbooks or data sources and publish them, and for people who want to see, interact with, and share views - in Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, or Tableau Online.

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Get Started

Explore the Tableau workspace, start building simple views of your data, or take a tutorial that tells a data story.

Connect to and Prepare Data

Connect to a wide variety of data sources, including files, SQL databases, web data, and cube (multidimensional) databases. Then configure and optimize your data and learn how to keep it up-to-date.

Design Views and Analyze Data

Discover the various features at your disposal as you build views, and learn the basic skills you need to create elegant, insightful views, dashboards, and stories.

Publish Data Sources and Workbooks

Learn how to publish data sources and workbooks to Tableau Server and Tableau Online, as well as save workbooks to Tableau Public.

Explore and Manage Web Content

Sign in Tableau Server or Tableau Online, manage content, mark favorites, interact with views, and use custom views for your on-demand analysis.

Share and Collaborate on the Web

Share views and collaborate on Tableau Server and Tableau Online.


Upgrade Tableau Desktop, consult a Quick Start, find out how to connect to a particular data source, look up Tableau functions, keyboard shortcuts, connectors, glossary definitions, and more.

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