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Welcome to Tableau Desktop

This online help system from Tableau Software® contains the complete product documentation for using Tableau Desktop.

Get Started

Take a tutorial that tells a data story, or follow steps through opening Tableau, building and enhancing a view, and saving your work. This section includes:

Build-It-Yourself Exercises – Create popular view types based on sample data sources that come with Tableau.

The Tableau Environment – Learn what elements of the Tableau UI are called.

Tableau Concepts – Dig into the ideas behind the terms and behaviors you see in Tableau.

Connect to and Prepare Data

Connect to a wide variety of data sources, including files, SQL databases, web data, and cube (multidimensional) databases. Then configure and optimize your data and learn how to keep it up-to-date. This section includes:

Connect to Your Data – Connect to a variety of data sources, including Microsoft Office files, text files, and web data.

Set Up Data Sources – Configure and optimize your data source for analysis.

Manage Data Sources – Edit, refresh, replace, export, and upgrade data sources.

Design Views and Analyze Data

Discover the various features at your disposal as you build views, and learn the basic skills you need to create elegant, insightful views, dashboards, and stories. This section includes:

Building Data Views – Drag and drop fields to create views of your data, then refine the view.

Work with Time – Identify trends and make forecasts by working with date and time fields.

Filter Data from Your Views – Display only the data you choose.

Build and Use Maps – Assign geographic roles, build basic map views, explore data in maps, and more.

Advanced Analysis – Create custom fields, use the built-in statistical tools, and more.

Optimize Workbook Performance – Speed up your workbooks.

Present Your Work – Work with formatting, dashboards, and stories.

Publish Data Sources and Workbooks – Share your work with others using Tableau Online, Tableau Server, the Tableau mobile app, or on Tableau Public.

Save, Export, and Print – Make your work available to other applications.


Upgrade Tableau Desktop, consult a Quick Start, find out how to connect to a particular data source, look up Tableau functions, keyboard shortcuts, connectors, glossary definitions, and more.

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