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Mark Favorites

To make it easy to find your most-used content, you can mark it as a favorite.

Note: You cannot mark an embedded data source as a favorite.

Mark content as a favorite

Select the favorites star next to the content name.

Grid of content icons

Alternatively, from the list view, create a favorite by clicking the star next to the content icon.

List of content

The content is added to your Favorites menu.

Star indicating Favorites menu

Remove an item from Favorites

Click the star that you used to mark the favorite.

Click the Favorites menu in the upper-right corner of the page. Type a search term to filter the list. Results are listed in alphabetical order.

List of favorite items

In the Favorites menu:

  • Folder icon indicates a project
  • Binder icon indicates a workbook
  • Sheet icon indicates a view
  • Database icon indicates a published data source
  • Process icon indicates a flow

If you have a large number of favorites, type a search term to filter the list or scroll to see all of them.