Mark Favorites

To make it easy to find your most-used content, you can mark it as a favorite. You can add any type of content to your favorites, except for embedded data sources.

Mark content as a favorite

Click the favorites star near the content name.

Grid of content

Alternatively, when you have a view open, click the star on the left side of the header.

Favorite icon in view header

Remove an item from favorites

Click the star that you used to mark the favorite.

Find favorites

To access your Favorites page, from the navigation panel, click Favorites.

Favorites page

You can filter the content on your Favorites page to find specific items. Filters are helpful if you accumulate a large number of favorites. For more information, see Filtered search.

Note: Your recently added favorites also appear on the Home page.

Access favorites from a view

When you open a view, the navigation panel is not displayed. To access your favorites while looking at a view, click the star icon on the right side of the header. Enter keywords into the search box to find specific items.

Favorites icon

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