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Applies to: Tableau Desktop

Quick Starts about Data Sources and Connections

The first step to analyzing data in Tableau is connecting to a data source.

Quick Starts in this section help you get up and running with specific data sources, and also introduce working with extracts of your data as opposed to working with a live connection, explain ways to keep your data fresh, introduce working with your data in the grid on the Data Source page, and talk about ways to package and publish your data for others to see or work with.

Aggregated Extracts

Automatically Update Workbook to Use Published Data Source

Combine Tables Using Cross-Database Joins

Connect to Google Analytics

Connect to Salesforce

Connect to Your Data

Data Blending

Data Grid Enhancements


Incremental Extract Updates

Manage Incremental Extracts

Manage Metadata

Packaged Workbooks

Pivot Data from Columns to Rows

Publish a Data Source to Tableau Online

Publish a Data Source to Tableau Server

SAP HANA Single Sign-On

Split Fields into Multiple Fields

Union Tables

Use Data Interpreter to Prepare the Data Source for Analysis

Use Initial SQL Parameters

Use Tableau Server Data Sources

Query All Data from Google Analytics