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Tag Content

Tags are keywords you can create for workbooks, views, data sources, and flows to help you find, filter, and categorize content in Tableau Server and Tableau Online. Authors can add tags to content when they publish content to a Tableau server. You can also add tags to any content you are allowed to access, and you can delete any tags you have added.

Note: You cannot tag projects.

View tags

For a published workbook, view, data source, or flow, its tags appear in the tooltip when you hover over the thumbnail.

Tooltip showing tags

Find tagged content

Use tags to find content with quick search.

Search results

Or with filtered search.

Tag filter

Add tags

You can add tags to any content on the server that you have permission to access.

  1. Navigate to a list of workbooks, views, data sources, or flows.

  2. Select one or more items you want to tag, and then select Actions > Tag.

    Actions menu

    Enter one or more words in the text box, and then click Save Tags.

    List of tags

Delete tags

You can delete any tags that you have created.

  1. Click the to access the drop-down menu on specific content, then select Tag.

    Thumbnail actions menu

  2. Click the 'x' next to the tag you want to remove.

    X to remove a tag