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Applies to: Tableau Online, Tableau Server

Use Tableau on the Web

Get started

What can I do with a Tableau site?

Tour your Tableau Site

Creators: Get Started with Web Authoring

Viewers: What Can I Do with a Tableau Web View?

Explore and manage content

Explore and Analyze Data in a View

Use Custom Views

Tag Content

Manage Web Content

Refresh Data or Pause Automatic Updates

Work with Content Revisions

Author web views

Web Authoring and Tableau Desktop Feature Comparison

Creators: Connect to data on the web

Creators: Prepare Data on the Web

Edit Views on the Web

Connect to published data sources while web editing

Create a Dashboard

Create a Story

Save your work

Share and collaborate

Share Web Views

Subscribe to Views

Send Data-Driven Alerts from Tableau Online or Tableau Server

Embed Views and Dashboards

Comment on Views

If this is the first time you've ever seen Tableau Server or Tableau Online and you're not sure what you can do with it, watch this five-minute video.

To view more training and introductory videos, go to Free Training Videos on the Tableau website.

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