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User Guide > Interact with Views > Comment on Views

Comment on Views

You can add comments to any view you have access to on Tableau Server. You can also see any comments associated with a particular view.

Type your text in the Comment text box located below the view and click Post Comment.

You can add formatting to your comment by inserting hyperlinks, bolding, italics, and underlining. Examples of how to add each of these types of formatting are shown in the table below.

Format What to Type Example
Hyperlink “My Link”:http://www.tableau.com My Link
Bold *Bold Text* Bold Text
Italics _Italic Text_ Italic Text
Underline +Underlined Text+ Underlined Text

Republishing workbooks with comments

If you want a workbook to keep its comments, use the same workbook name when you republish the workbook. If you republish a workbook that has comments with a new name, the comments are not retained with the new workbook.