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Configure Tableau Server

The Tableau Server Configuration utility opens during a Tableau Server installation. You can set configuration options at this time, as part of the installation, before the server starts. The server is started at the end of the installation process.

You can also run the utility after installing Tableau Server by selecting All Programs > Tableau Server 2018.1 > Configure Tableau Server on the Windows Start menu. You need to stop the server before making any configuration changes. See Reconfigure the Server for steps.

There are two things to keep in mind about the settings you specify in the Configuration dialog box:

  • Settings are system-wide: The settings you enter apply to the entire server. If the server is running multiple sites, these settings affect every site.

  • User Authentication is "permanent": The User Authentication setting (on the General tab) can only be set when you are installing Tableau Server for the first time. You can change all of the other settings after installation by stopping the server and rerunning the Configuration utility.

See the topics below for details on the different Configuration tabs: