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Database Maintenance

A Tableau Server administrator should perform regular database maintenance, monitor disk usage on the server, and clean up unnecessary files to free up space on the server. Taking these steps can help ensure that Tableau Server runs with maximum efficiency.

You can use the tabadmin command line tool to back up and restore your Tableau data, and to clean up (remove) unnecessary log and temporary files. Tableau data includes Tableau Server's own PostgreSQL database, which stores workbook and user metadata, data extract files, and server configuration data. Tableau Server log files capture activity and can help you diagnose problems. Logs are written to folders on the server and you can archive and remove them to save disk space. Use the commands described in the topics below, along with the built-in Windows task scheduler to automate backing up data and cleaning up unnecessary files.

Note: You can only use backups made with the tabadmin backup command when restoring Tableau Server data. Database backups made in other ways, and virtual machine snapshots are not valid sources for restoring Tableau Server.