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Database Drivers

The Tableau Server installer includes drivers for Oracle and Oracle Essbase databases. If you plan to publish workbooks and data sources that connect to other databases, you will need to install the corresponding drivers. You can find driver links and installation instructions for all the supported connectors on the Driver Download page.

You need to install all database drivers on the initial node in a Tableau Server cluster. Additional nodes that run VizQL, application server, data server, or backgrounder processes also need these drivers. For example, if you dedicate one subsequent node to run as a VizQL server, and dedicate another computer for extract storage, you need to install drivers only on the computer running the VizQL server process.

The following table helps you determine whether you need to install drivers on a subsequent node in a cluster.

Server process Requires database driver?
VizQL server yes
Application server yes
Data server yes
Backgrounder yes
API server yes
Data engine (extract storage) no
Repository no
Gateway no
Cluster controller no
Cache server no
Search & Browse no
File store no