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More Deployment Resources for Tableau Server

Everybody's Install Guide

Installing Tableau Server is about as easy as it gets with server software. Still, if you're new to it, you can use someone to help you figure out what to prepare and how to go through it. And now we've got you covered.

To plan for, install, and manage a single-machine instance of Tableau Server, see the Everybody’s Install Guide.

Desktop Deployment Guide

Tableau Desktop lets your users create workbooks and views, dashboards, and data sources and then publish this content to either Tableau Online or Tableau Server.

To install Desktop for yourself or for others, see the Tableau Desktop Deployment Guide.

Tableau Mobile Deployment Guide

Tableau Mobile lets your users stay on top of critical data—anywhere they go. This free iOS and Android app lets users explore and share content published to either Tableau Online or Tableau Server 8.2 and later.

For detailed information about app deployment, customization, and security, see the Tableau Mobile Deployment Guide.