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Performance Resources

This topic describes external resources that you can use to monitor and tune performance.

Disclaimer: This topic includes information about third-party and community supported products. Please note that while we make every effort to keep references to third-party and community content accurate, the information we provide here might change without notice. For the most up-to-date information, please consult the documentation for products referenced here. To learn more about community supported tools, see Support levels for IT and developer tools.

  • TabJolt. A load generation tool that you can use to understand how Tableau Server responds to user interactions over time. Use TabJolt to establish a baseline for server performance and test deployments before pushing them to production environments.

  • Replayer. A tool that can replay log-based real user traffic from a Tableau Server against any other server or configuration. It replays Tableau Server single- or multi-user sessions. Here are some ways that Replay can be used:

    • Playback specific Tableau Server sessions, and filter the session based upon start time or RequestID.

    • Use it to simulate load conditions so that you can test how to scale and balance your Tableau Server installations.

    • Perform regression testing by running and comparing end-to-end user scenarios for Tableau Server upgrades.

    • Capture and report HTTP exceptions that occur in a single-user session.

    • Replay a defect, so that you can troubleshoot and verify that it is fixed.

  • Scout. An exploratory tool that captures performance metrics across any workbooks on both Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server Here are some ways that Scout can be used:

    • Find slow workbooks on Server.

    • Validate performance improvements or regressions after making server configuration or topology changes.

    • Validate that workbooks and dashboards are loading properly after upgrading to new Tableau Server.

    • Validate that workbooks are still working properly after data source changes.

  • TabMon. A monitoring tool that uses Windows Performance Monitor and Java Management Extensions to record performance data about Tableau Server to a PostGreSQL database.

  • Microsoft System Center. A set of server management products for monitoring, configuration, automation, and more.

  • HP Sitescope. An agentless application monitoring tool.

  • Zabbix. An open-source, real-time monitoring tool.

  • Splunk. A tool for monitoring and analyzing machine data, including logs.

  • Graylog. An open-source log management tool.