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Quick Start: Disk Space Alerts

You can configure Tableau Server to monitor free disk space on computers running Tableau Server, and to send alerts when free space drops below thresholds that you define. If you choose to have Tableau Server save historical usage information, this is available to Tableau Server administrators through one of the Administrative Views.

1 Configure SMTP

Before you can configure alerts for disk space usage, you need to configure Tableau Server for SMTP on the SMTP Setup tab in the Tableau Server Configuration utility.

For more information about how to configure SMTP in Tableau Server, see Configure SMTP Setup.

2 (Optional) Change the historical disk usage data option

By default Tableau Server is configured to save data about disk space usage. If you do not want to save this data, clear the Record disk space usage information, including threshold violations box.

Note: You do not need to save disk space usage information to receive alerts about low disk space, but if Tableau Server is not saving disk space usage data, you cannot view historical disk space usage in Administrative Views.

3 Configure alerts

Tableau Server can send alerts to let you know when space on one of the Tableau Server nodes drops below the warning and critical thresholds of the entire disk. Tableau Server continues to send alerts at the frequency specified in Send email alert everyas long as disk space remains below the warning threshold.

To receive email alerts when free disk space falls below either of the two thresholds, select Send alerts when unused drive space drops below thresholds:

4 Change alert thresholds and frequency

By default, the warning threshold is set to 20% and the critical threshold is set to 10%. As long as the free disk space remains below a threshold, Tableau Server will continue to send alerts at the frequency you specify in Send email alert every. You can change these values.