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You can perform certain administrative tasks and change Tableau Server configuration settings using the tabadmin command line tool. It installs with Tableau Server by default and cannot be installed on other computers.

Note: You should only run tabadmin on the primary Tableau Server node, not on worker nodes.

How to use tabadmin

The first step to using tabadmin is to open a command prompt as an administrator:

Next, navigate to Tableau Server's bin directory by entering the following:

cd "C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\2018.1\bin"

You're now ready to enter tabadmin commands.

Change Tableau Server's Configuration from the Command Line

When you enter a command that changes the server's configuration (a tabadmin set command for example), you need to follow a sequence of commands:

  1. Stop the server before issuing the command.

    Note: Using the Windows Task Manager to stop Tableau Server can cause problems with your Tableau Server installation. Instead, you should always use the tabadmin stop command to stop Tableau Server.

  2. Enter the appropriate command to make the configuration change.

  3. Run tabadmin config to push the change out to all of the server's configuration files.

  4. Start Tableau Server again.


Change the server's configuration using the tabadmin set command:

tabadmin stop
tabadmin set [option-name value]
tabadmin config
tabadmin start

Display Command Line Help

Use the tabadmin built-in help to get a quick description of a command.

To display help for all tabadmin commands enter:

tabadmin help commands

To see help for a specific command, enter tabadmin help <command>. For example:

tabadmin help set