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Disk Space Requirements

Tableau Server on Windows now includes Tableau Services Manager (TSM), which replaces the Configuration Utility and the tabadmin command line tool. If you need help for an earlier version of Tableau Server, see the Tableau Help page.

In general, when estimating the amount of additional disk space to allocate for Tableau Server for day-to-day usage, you must consider whether or not extracts will be published to Tableau Server, and consider the number of workbooks that you expect to publish to Tableau Server . If you anticipate using extracts, Tableau recommends that you begin with a few hundred gigabytes (GB). If you do not anticipate using extracts, you may only need around 50 GB to fulfill your usage needs.

Here are the factors that affect disk space requirements:

Publishing extracts to Tableau Server

Consider the number of extracts that will be published to Tableau Server and the size of each extract. Test your needs by publishing several extracts to Tableau Server, and then checking the disk space used. You can use this amount of disk space to help you figure out how many extracts will be published to Tableau Server over time as well as how each existing extract will increase in size.

Refreshing extracts

Consider the space needed by the temp directory during an extract refresh. The temp directory, which is where an extract is stored to during a refresh, may require up to three times the final file size of the extract.

While there may be some cases where .hyper extracts become bigger after an extract upgrade, there are other cases when .hyper extracts become smaller after an extract upgrade. In general, the overall disk size requirements should be the same for .hyper extracts as it was for .tde extracts.

Creating many workbooks

If using workbooks, consider the number of workbooks that will be published to Tableau Server. Individual workbooks tend to take up a small amount of disk space. However, if you anticipate thousands of workbooks being published, you may want to allocate additional disk space to accommodate those workbooks.


To assist with daily management and troubleshooting, Tableau Server creates log files as a part of its normal operations. Depending on the level at which the logging is configured, it can significantly impact the amount of disk space necessary on the Tableau Server computer.