Ensure Access to Subscriptions and Data-Driven Alerts

To ensure that users see the Subscribe and Alert buttons in the Tableau Server toolbar and can receive related emails, do the following:

  • Ensure that users have an email address in Tableau Server: Users can update their email address on their account settings page.

  • Embed database credentials or don't require them: To email data in a view, Tableau Server needs to access the data without user involvement. This can be accomplished by using a workbook with embedded database credentials, a Tableau Server data source, or data that doesn't require credentials (such as a file that's included with the workbook at publish time).

  • Ensure that users can access needed workbooks and views: Access to content on the server is controlled by the View permission. To receive images of content in email messages, users also need the Download Image/PDF permission. For more information, see View or Edit Permissions.

  • Avoid trusted authentication for embedded views: If you use restricted tickets (the default) to render an embedded view, the Subscribe and Alert buttons don't appear.

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