Selecting an AWS Instance Type and Size

Choosing the right instance for your workload is an important factor for a successful Tableau Server deployment. You can choose from a wide range of Amazon EC2 instance types. For a complete list of all available instance types and sizes, see Amazon EC2 Instance Types at the AWS website.

At minimum, a 64-bit Tableau Server requires a 2-core CPU (the equivalent of 4 AWS vCPUs) and 8 GB RAM. However, a total of 8 CPU cores (16 AWS vCPUs) and 64GB RAM are strongly recommended for a single production Amazon EC2 instance.

An AWS vCPU is a single hyperthread of a two-thread Intel Xeon core for M5, M4, C5, C4, R4, and R4 instances. A simple way to think about this is that an AWS vCPU is equal to half a physical core. Therefore, when choosing an Amazon EC2 instance size, you should double number of cores you have purchased or wish to deploy with. Example: You have purchased an 8 core license for Tableau Server (or need to support enough active users where 8 cores are warranted). You should choose an Amazon EC2 instance type with 16 vCPUs.

The Windows Operating system will recognize these 16 vCPU as 8 cores, so there is no negative licensing impact.

Typical instance types and sizes for development, test, and production environments

  • C5.4xlarge

  • m5.4xlarge

  • r5.4xlarge

Note: Installing Tableau Server on Amazon EC2 T2 instances is not supported.

For a performance comparison of various Amazon EC2 instance types that have been tested with Tableau Server, see Tableau at the Speed of EC2.

Component/Resource Amazon Web Services


16+ vCPU

Operating System


  • Windows Server 2012r2, 64-bit

  • Windows Server 2016, 64-bit


64+ GB RAM (4GB RAM per vCPU)


Two volumes:

30-50 GiB volume for the operating system

100 GiB or larger volume for Tableau Server

Storage type

EBS recommended (SSD (gp2) or Provisioned IOPS)

Disk latency

Less than or equal to 20ms as measured by the Avg. Transfer disk/sec Performance Counter in Windows.

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