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Guest User

Core-based licenses of Tableau Server include a Guest user option, which you can use to allow people who don’t have an account on the server to see and interact with Tableau views embedded in web pages.

Guest user access is enabled by default when Tableau Server is installed with a core-based license. If you do not intend to use Guest user access, then you should disable it.

Guest access allows users only to see embedded views. The Guest user cannot browse the Tableau Server interface or see server interface elements in the view, such as user name, account settings, comments, and so on.

Note: Enabling the Guest user for a site can increase the number of potential simultaneous viewers beyond the user list you might be expecting. The administrative view Status > Traffic to Views can help you gauge the activity.

Guest user permissions

A Guest user can have the following permissions:

  • Projects, Workbooks, and Views: View, Export Image, Summary Data, View Comments, Filter, Full Data, Web Edit, Download (to save a local copy)

  • Data Sources: View and Download

When a Guest user is included in a group that has a permission rule set on a content item, Guest user permissions do not affect the permission-levels of other users in that group.

Enable or Disable Guest access

You must be a server administrator to change Guest account settings at either the server or the site level. Guest access is enabled by default in core-based licensing installation.

  1. In the site menu, click Manage All Sites and then click Settings > General.

  2. For Guest Access, select or clear Enable Guest account to toggle Guest user access.

  3. Click Save.

This enables the Guest user on all sites. You can then go to the same setting for a specific site. To disallow Guest access for a site:

  1. In the site menu, select a site.

  2. Click Settings, and on the Settings page, clear the Enable Guest account check box.

If the Guest account is enabled on some or all sites, and you turn off Guest access at the server level, it is turned off for all sites as well.

Additional Guest account characteristics

The Guest user is unique in the following additional ways:

  • As a single user account, it represents all unauthenticated users accessing embedded Tableau views.

  • You cannot edit it or select it as the owner of a content resource.

  • You can add it as a member of groups on a site.

  • When enabled, it is a member of the All Users group.

  • You cannot delete the account; however, you can turn off access to it by clearing the check box described in the steps above.

  • If the Guest user needs to access a workbook with an extract connection, the Guest must also have the View capability on the published data source.

    The Guest user is not allowed to connect to published data sources.

  • It is not allowed to save custom views.

  • Guest cannot be used in a user filter.