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View Server Licenses

Server administrators can view the license and product key information for Tableau Server.

Tableau Server site roles do not correspond to user licenses that you purchase from Tableau (if you are using user-based licensing instead of core-based server licensing). Those licenses allow a certain number of users on the server.

To view server licenses

You can view licenses from the server web pages, on the Licenses page, or from the command line, using the tabadmin licenses command.

Viewing licenses from the Tableau Server web UI

How you navigate to the Licenses page in Tableau Server depends on whether you have a single site, or multiple sites:

  • On a server with a single site, click Settings and Licenses:

  • On a multi-site server, click Manage All Sites on the site menu, Settings, and Licenses:

    Note: The Manage All Sites option only displays when you are signed in as a server administrator.

If you have a user-based Tableau Server license, you can review how these levels have been distributed.

If you have a core-based Tableau Server license, the Licenses page shows how many cores are allowed, how many have been licensed, and how many are in use (and on what server computers).


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