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Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Deployment Guide Overview

At Tableau, our mission is to help you see and understand your data. With Tableau Desktop you can connect to a wide variety of data that's stored in a variety of places.

You can create workbooks, experiment with and explore your data safely (without impacting your source data), then present your findings using dashboards and stories. You can even share your findings on the web using Tableau Server, Tableau Online, or Tableau Public.

Before you work with your data in Tableau Desktop, sometimes you need to do a little housekeeping on your data first. Tableau Prep can help you with that. Visually interact directly with your data to fix data entry errors, combine data from different sources and shape your data for analysis. For information about how to install Tableau Prep, see Install Tableau Prep.

Note: If you are looking for information about how to install Tableau Server, see the Install and Configure section in the Tableau Server help. If you are looking for information about how to set up Tableau Online, see Set Up a new Tableau Online Site in the Tableau Online help.

This guide provides information about how to plan, install, and upgrade Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep for yourself or for multiple users. Start with this article to find common information that everyone needs to know, then move to the sections that pertain to your specific installation scenario. If you get stuck, check out the Troubleshoot Tableau Desktop Installation for answers to installation issues.

Information is also included about how to automate installation for Tableau Desktop, Tableau Reader and Tableau Public. For more information, see Deploy Tableau Desktop in this guide.

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Who should use this guide?

This guide provides information for two audiences:

  • If you're performing your own installation, the Install for Yourself section contains the information you need. It describes how to install Tableau Desktop on a Windows computer or on a Mac computer and how to upgrade to a newer version when one becomes available.

  • If you're an IT professional or system administrator who's responsible for installing Tableau for multiple users in your organization, you can find additional technical details to help you plan, install, and upgrade Tableau Desktop in the Install for Others section. You'll find information about how to automate installation, control product updates and autosave for your users, manage user licenses, and troubleshoot installation issues.

What's new in Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep

If you've used Tableau before, you'll probably be interested in changes we've made in each version. For full details about new features added in Tableau 2018.3, about installer changes, and about features added in other recent releases, see What's New in Tableau Desktop in the Tableau Help.

To see what's new in Tableau Prep, see What's New in Tableau Prep in the Tableau Prep online help.

If you are interested in information about fixes that have been added in each release, see the Release Notes page on the Tableau website.

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