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The Tableau Mobile Deployment Guide

With Tableau Mobile, your users can explore and share data anywhere they go. The app is a free download from the App Store or Google Play.

App requirements

  • A mobile device with iOS 10 or later, or Android 5 or later.

  • An account on either Tableau Online, or Tableau Server 9.1 or later.

What's new in 2018.2

Support for Blackberry Dynamics, Citrix XenMobile, and Microsoft InTune

If you manage mobile devices with Blackberry Dynamics, Citrix XenMobile, or Microsoft InTune, you can now deploy and customize the Tableau Mobile app with those tools. For an overview of the process, see Deploy Tableau Mobile with mobile device or application management.

If you use Blackberry Dynamics, be sure to direct your users to the separate iOS app, Tableau Mobile for Blackberry. This app supports SDK integration and secure tunneling, though content editing, sharing, and downloading features are currently unavailable.

Added in 10.5

Annotate and share views (iOS)

Highlight compelling data with drawn lines and text, and then share an image of your annotated view via email, instant-messaging, and other apps. If your recipients want to dig deeper, they can click links to the original, interactive view on Tableau Online or Tableau Server.

From the app menu to the upper-right of a view, tap Share.

At the bottom of the screen, tap the pencil, select a line width and color, and then draw on the view. Or tap the letters Aa and type a text note, which you can drag, resize, or recolor so it visually stands out.

When you’re ready to share your insights, tap Send.

Added in 10.4

Access favorite views offline with Android devices

Snapshot images of favorite views are now available on Android too, letting you quickly access key content even when you're offline. When you’re connected to a Tableau server, you can refresh snapshots so they reflect the latest data. For details, see Work offline with favorite snapshots in help for the Tableau Mobile app.

Add or remove favorites while viewing content

To add or remove favorites directly from a view, just tap the app menu in the upper-right corner. (If you navigated to the view via the containing workbook, the entire workbook is favorited.)

Comment on views

From Tableau Mobile, you can access the totally redesigned commenting feature in Tableau Online and Tableau Server 10.4 and later, having conversations about data anywhere you go. Though you can't interact with data snapshots in the mobile app, you can view thumbnail images of them created in desktop browsers.

For more information, see Comment on Views in the main Tableau Help.

Trigger text messages and phone calls from links in dashboards

Tableau Mobile now supports dashboard links that automatically trigger SMS messages and telephone calls, letting mobile users quickly contact key people about dashboard content. To incorporate these links into dashboards, add URL actions to objects, using the link format sms:phone-number or tel:phone-number. Be sure to include country and area codes if necessary. For more information, see Create Dashboard Layouts for Different Device Types in the main Tableau Help.

Added in 10.3

Directly open Tableau Mobile from links in other apps

While you're signed into a site, Tableau Mobile can open links to site views found in email and other apps. If you use Tableau Online, views open automatically. If you use Tableau Mobile, views first open in a web browser; click Open in Tableau Mobile at the top of the page.

Added in 10.2

Interact with mobile-optimized views

If you use Tableau Online or Tableau Server 10.2 and later, the mobile app now provides many view options in a menu at upper right. This menu replaces the toolbar so views better fill small mobile screens. For details, see Explore data in help for the Tableau Mobile app.

Simply tap snapshots to see live views (iOS)

To see the live view of a favorite snapshot, simply tap it again—no need to toggle between special app modes. For details, see Work offline with favorite snapshots in help for the Tableau Mobile app.

See recently-accessed servers, and quickly switch sites (Android)

On the app's sign-in screen, choose recently-accessed servers with a single tap, rather than entering names manually. If you need to switch sites, just tap the name of the server you're signed in to, and tap another site.

Disable downloads of data and credentials, and avoid Kerberos errors (iOS)

If you use a mobile device management (MDM) tool like AirWatch or MobileIron, new app configuration parameters help you improve security. For details, see Deploy Tableau Mobile with mobile device or application management.

Web-based authentication (iOS)

The Tableau Mobile app now supports authentication via reverse proxy servers placed between the internet and Tableau Server.

Added in 10.1

Quicker sorting of recent content

Content in the Recents view now automatically sorts by last-viewed date, if you use Tableau Server 10.1 or Tableau Online. For more details, see help for the Tableau Mobile app.

Added in 10.0

Support for Android tablets

The redesigned Tableau Mobile app now supports tablets, in addition to phones. Some features differ from the previous Tableau Mobile app for Android tablets.

Site-specific SAML

If you use multiple sites in your Tableau Server installation, you can configure each site to use a separate SAML identity provider (IdP). For more information, see SAML in Tableau Server Help.

Added in 9.3.3

Support for Android phones

Tableau Mobile supports phones that run Android 4.4 (KitKat) or later.

Customize the sign-in experience

If you use a mobile device management (MDM) tool like AirWatch, you can apply unique sign-in options such as limiting accessible servers. For details, see Deploy Tableau Mobile with mobile device or application management.

Added in 9.3

Automatically refresh snapshots

When you're signed in to a Tableau server, Tableau Mobile automatically refreshes snapshots of favorite views in the background, while you use other apps. The refresh frequency depends on how often you use Tableau Mobile relative to other apps. The upper-left of each snapshot shows when it was last updated.

Stay signed in to Tableau Online

When you connect to Tableau Online using SAML authentication, Tableau Mobile saves your connection from session to session if you don't sign out. Next time you launch Tableau Mobile, you're signed in automatically.

When you sign in, an authentication token is stored securely on your device. This token authenticates you every time you connect.