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Send Data-Driven Alerts from Tableau Online or Tableau Server

When data reaches important thresholds for your business, data-driven alerts automatically send email notifications to key people you specify. You can set data-driven alerts on dashboards and views, but not story points.

For time-based charts, use relative date filters so people automatically receive alerts as new data appears. If you don't own the content, ask the author to make this change.

Create a data-driven alert

  1. Select a continuous numeric axis of any chart other than a Gantt chart or map. (Numeric bins and discrete numeric axes aren't supported.)

  2. In the toolbar, click Alert.

  3. In the Create Alert pop-up window, set the data condition and threshold value that triggers alert emails.

    In the view, a red line shows where the threshold falls relative to your current data.

  4. Specify the email subject line, schedule, and recipients. Then click Create Alert.

    Note: For live data sources, alerts are checked every 60 minutes for Tableau Online, or on a frequency set by administrators for Tableau Server. Extracts are checked each time they're refreshed.

Manage your data-driven alerts

You can manage alerts from the My Content area of Tableau web pages, but doing so directly from alert emails can be quicker. Click the links below the image to manage all your alerts, or add or remove yourself from the emailed alert. If you're the alert owner, click Edit this alert to change alert settings such as threshold, schedule, and recipients.

Tip: To add recipients to an alert you don't own, forward the email and ask people to click Add me to this alert.

Fix failing alerts

Alerts can sometimes fail, usually for these reasons:

  • Temporary connectivity issues. In this case, the alert will fix itself.

  • A data source has been removed

  • Credentials to data have expired

  • The workbook or sheet that the alert was created on has been removed.

If an alert fails, you'll receive a notification email that tells you which alert failed and when, with a link to your site to fix the problem.

There are a few ways to fix a failing alert if you're the alert owner:

  • Open the workbook in Tableau Online or Tableau Server. A warning will appear if credentials to your data have expired or if the data for your workbook has been removed.

  • Click Edit this alert to change alert settings such as threshold, schedule, and recipients. A warning will appear to tell you if the workbook or sheet that your alert was created on has been removed.

You'll receive an email notification when the alert is working again.