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tsm Command Line Reference

The topics in this section include reference content for Tableau Services Manager (TSM) command line interface (CLI) to support Tableau Server.

TSM is used to manage installation and configuration of Tableau Server. To learn more about TSM, see Tableau Services Manager Overview.

You can automate the installation and configuration tasks supported by the TSM CLI using the TSM API. To learn more about the prerelease (Alpha) TSM API, see Tableau Services Manager API.

Using the tsm CLI

To run tsm commands, you need to open a command prompt.

  1. Open a command prompt as administrator on the initial node (the node where TSM is installed).

  2. Run the command you want. For example, to see the version of TSM and Tableau Server:

    tsm version

Viewing help content in the shell

To view minimal help content from a command line, use the tsm help category.


tsm help [category] [command]


tsm help

Help for all tsm commands

tsm help <category>

Show help for a specific command category. For example, tsm help authentication.

tsm help <category> <command>

Show help for a specific command. For example, tsm help authentication open-id.

tsm help command

List all top-level commands or categories.