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Install and Initialize TSM

Tableau Server on Windows now includes Tableau Services Manager (TSM), which replaces the Configuration Utility and the command line tool. If you need help for an earlier version of Tableau Server, see the Tableau Help page.

This topic guides you through the process of installing Tableau Server and initializing Tableau Services Manager (TSM).


Before proceeding, review the topic, Before you install....

Running Setup

After you download the Tableau Server installation file, follow the instructions below to install the server.

Important: Do not install a beta version of Tableau Server in your production environment. You should also never restore a production Tableau Server installation using a backup of a beta version.

  1. Double-click the installation file.

  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete Setup and install the application.

    Image from setup that allows you to change the file path

    The default installation path is C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server. You can choose a different location, including a different drive, either by browsing to or typing in a new path.

    If you are upgrading from Tableau Server version 2018.1 or earlier and Tableau was installed to a non-default location, you need to navigate to that non-default path during the upgrade. For details, see Upgrade Tableau Server in a Non-Default Location.

    If you are prompted by Windows Defender Firewall, click Allow access. You may need to do this multiple times for the installation to complete.

  3. After the installation completes, click Finish. Setup will then open the TSM configuration web page on the computer where you are installing Tableau Server.

    If you need to support characters that are not the Latin-1 set, install the Windows Language Packs via Control Panel > Regional and Language Options. The language packs will need to be installed on the initial server as well as any additional nodes.

Configure Tableau Server for a forward proxy

If your organization uses a forward proxy solution to access the internet, then configure Tableau Server to use the proxy server. Tableau Server must access the internet for map data and for default licensing functionality.

We recommend configuring Tableau Server for a forward proxy solution at this point of the installation process. See Configuring Proxies for Tableau Server.

To run Tableau Server in an environment without access to the internet, see Install Tableau Server in a Disconnected (Air-Gapped) Environment.

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