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Tableau Server on Windows now includes Tableau Services Manager (TSM), which replaces the Configuration Utility and the command line tool. If you need help for an earlier version of Tableau Server, see the Tableau Help page.

What You Need Before You Begin

Before deploying Tableau Server on AWS, you must have the following:

  • An AWS account.

  • An Amazon EC2 key pair.

    For more information, see Amazon EC2 Key Pairs and Windows Instances in the Amazon EC2 User Guide for Windows Instances at the AWS website.

  • A Tableau Server license.

    • For a standalone deployment, you can use a 14-day trial version of Tableau Server, which doesn’t require the use of a product key. After 14 days, you’ll need to purchase a Tableau Server license and activate the associated product key.

    • For a cluster-based deployment, you need a user-based license (which covers all authorized users of Tableau Server), a core-based license (with a minimum of 16 cores), or a Tableau Server subscription license. To obtain a product key, contact sales.

    For more information about Tableau Server licensing options, see Licensing Overview.

  • (Optional) A domain managed by Amazon Route 53.

  • (Optional) An SSL certificate managed by AWS Certificate Manager in the region where you are deploying Tableau Server.

  • Storage on Amazon EC2 instance (a general purpose SSD (gp2) is recommended).

  • (Optional) An Elastic IP address if you aren't using ELB or Amazon Route53.