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Licensing Overview

Tableau Server licenses have two aspects: the license model and the license metric.

License model: term or perpetual

Tableau Server can be licensed under two models: a term license and a perpetual license. Term licenses, also referred to as subscription licenses, allow you to use and update Tableau Server for a specified period of time. Perpetual licenses do not expire, so you can continue to use Tableau Server as long as you want. However, to get access to product updates and technical support you must purchase Support and Maintenance services.

License metric: user-based or core-based

In addition to the license model, your license is also defined by the metric that permits use of Tableau Server.

  • A user-based license metric allows you to deploy Tableau Server on a single computer or on multiple computers in a cluster. Each user that accesses Tableau Server must be licensed. Administrators add users and license them.

  • A core-based license metric imposes no constraints on the number of user accounts in Tableau Server. Instead, the license specifies the maximum number of computer cores on which you can run Tableau Server. You can install Tableau Server on a single computer or across multiple computers as a multi-node cluster, as long as the total number of cores in all the computers does not exceed the total number that the license allows.

    Note: Not all processes installed with Tableau Server impact the calculation of total number of cores used. A subset of processes are considered "licensed processes." Core licensing is calculated only on computers running licensed processes. If a computer has one or more licensed processes installed on it, the cores on that computer count toward the total cores used. For more information about licensed processes, see Licensed processes.

The topics in this section provide guidance about how to view and refresh Tableau licensing, as well as a topic that describes how to add user capacity on Tableau Server.

Note: As a Tableau Server administrator, you may also be tasked with managing Tableau Desktop deployment and tracking license usage on client computers. If your organization will be using Desktop License reporting, you need to configure Tableau Server to support this. For details, see Configure Desktop License Reporting. For additional information on licensing and management tasks related to Tableau Desktop, see The Tableau Desktop Deployment Guide.