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Move or Deactivate Tableau Desktop

You can activate a Tableau Desktop license on up to two different computers, if they are used by the same person. If you no longer need Tableau Desktop on a computer, you should deactivate the license before you uninstall Tableau, or you may not have the license available to activate on another computer. Similarly, if you decide to move Tableau Desktop to a different computer, you must transfer the product key by deactivating it on the first computer and activating it on the second computer.

There are two ways to deactivate a license—one procedure if the computer has internet access, and a different procedure if it doesn't. Follow the procedure for your scenario.

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Deactivate on a computer with internet access

Note: For information about how to deactivate a product key from the command line, see "Deactivate the product key" in Deploy Tableau Desktop.

  1. Start Tableau Desktop on the computer where you originally installed it.

  2. Select Help > Manage Product Keys.

  3. In the Manage Product Keys dialog box, select the product key and click Deactivate.

  4. Close and uninstall Tableau Desktop.

    If you just want to uninstall Tableau Desktop, you're done. If you're moving Tableau Desktop to another computer, keep going.

  5. On the new computer, go to the Alternate Downloads Site page and download the relevant version of Tableau Desktop for your computer (Windows 64-bit or Mac).

  6. Install Tableau Desktop and activate it using the product key you deactivated earlier.

Deactivate offline

Before following this procedure, verify that the computer is not connected to the internet. The procedure will not work as described if there is a connection.

  1. Start Tableau Desktop.

  2. Select Help > Manage Product Keys.

  3. In the Manage Product Keys dialog box, select the product key to deactivate and click Deactivate.

    An error message appears and prompts you to save the return.tlq file for processing.

  4. Click Save.

  5. From a computer that has internet access, go to the Activation page on the Tableau website, click Choose File, select return.tlq, and then click Upload Activation File.

    Tableau sends you a return.tlr file.

  6. Copy the return.tlr file to the computer where you're uninstalling Tableau Desktop.

  7. Double-click the return.tlr file.

    Nothing is displayed, but this deactivates the product key.

  8. To verify that the product key is deactivated, start Tableau Desktop. If it asks you for a product key, the product key was deactivated successfully.

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