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Troubleshoot Subscriptions

Tableau Server on Windows now includes Tableau Services Manager (TSM), which replaces the Configuration Utility and the command line tool. If you need help for an earlier version of Tableau Server, see the Tableau Help page.

"The view snapshot in this email could not be properly rendered."

  If you receive a subscription with this error message, there could be several reasons:

  • Missing credentials: Some views are published with embedded credentials. You may receive the above error if the embedded credentials are now out-of-date, or if the view was republished without the embedded credentials.

  • Database temporarily down: If the view has a live database connection and the database was temporarily down when the subscription was being generated, you might receive the above error.

  • Background process timeout: By default, the background process that handles subscriptions times out after 30 minutes. In the majority of cases, this is plenty of time. However, if the background process is handling an extraordinarily large and complex dashboard, that may not be enough time. You can check the Background Tasks for Non Extracts admin view to see if that's the case. To increase the timeout threshold, use the tsm configuration set subscriptions.timeout command.

Can't subscribe

If you can see a view on Tableau Server and it has a subscription icon () in the upper right corner, you can subscribe to it.

Two things need to be in place for you to subscribe to a view: Tableau Server needs to be correctly configured (described in Set Up a Server for Subscriptions) and the view you're subscribing to must either have embedded credentials for its data source or not rely on credentials at all. Examples of the latter include a workbook that connects to an extract that isn't being refreshed, or a workbook whose data is in a file that was included with the workbook at publish time. Embedding credentials is a step that happens in Tableau Desktop (see the Tableau Help for details).

No subscription icon

It's possible to see a view on Tableau Server but be unable to subscribe to it. This happens for one of three reasons:

  • No subscriptions have been scheduled: If no subscriptions have been scheduled, the subscription icon will not appear. To set a schedule for subscriptions, see Create or Modify a Schedule.
  • The view uses a live database connection: Views with live database connections, where you’re prompted for your database credentials when you first click the view, aren't available for subscription. A subscription includes a view (or workbook), data, and a schedule. To deliver the data required for the view, Tableau Server either needs embedded database credentials or data that doesn't require credentials. Where live database connections are concerned, Tableau Server doesn't have the credentials, only the individual users do. This is why you can only subscribe to views that either don’t require credentials or have them embedded.
  • Tableau Server is configured for trusted authentication: You may also be able to see a view but be unable to subscribe to it (no subscription icon) if Tableau Server is configured for trusted authentication. See Ensure Access to Subscriptions for more information.

Receiving invalid or "broken" subscriptions

If you configured subscriptions on test or development instances of Tableau Server in addition to your in-production instance, disable subscriptions on your non-production instances. Keeping subscriptions enabled on all instances can result in your users receiving subscriptions that appear to be valid, but which don't work, or receiving subscriptions even though they've unsubscribed from the view or workbook.

Subscriptions not arriving ("Error sending email. Can't send command to SMTP host.")

You may see the above error in Windows Event Viewer if subscriptions aren't arriving and your SMTP server is using encrypted (SSL) sessions. Subscriptions are only supported for unencrypted SMTP connections. The solution is to use an unencrypted SMTP server. (If you're experiencing this error, note that Tableau Server will still indicate that subscriptions are being sent in the Background Tasks for Non Extracts admin view.)

Custom scripts not working after upgrade to 8.1

To support better session management, starting with version 8.1, a hash tag (#) was added to the end of view URLs. If you had custom subscriptions scripting that generated views as PDFs or PNGs you may need to update your scripts to allow for the hash tag.

For example, prior to version 8.1, view URLs use this syntax: http://tableauserver/views/SuperStore/sheet1. To generate a view as a PNG, .png could be added to the end of the URL. For example, http://tableauserver/views/SuperStore/sheet1.png.

In versions 8.1, 8.2, or 8.3, view URLs use this syntax: http://tableauserver/views/SuperStore/sheet1#1. To generate a PNG, add .png before the hash tag. For example: http://tableauserver/views/SuperStore/sheet1.png#1

Custom scripts not working after upgrade to 9.0

In version 9.0, the session ID at the end of server URLs is indicated by an "iid" parameter, :iid=<n>. For example, http://localhost/#/views/Sales2015/SalesMarginsByAreaCode?:iid=1. This parameter replaces the hash tag "#<n>" used for the session ID in 8.x versions of Tableau Server.

If you use custom subscriptions scripts that generate views as PDFs or PNGs, you may need to update your scripts by removing the hash tag and number (#<n>), and inserting the ?:iid= session ID parameter before the number.

Starting in version 9.0, view URLs use this syntax: http://tableauserver/views/SuperStore/sheet1?:iid=2.

To generate a PNG in version 9.0 and later, add .png before the session ID: http://tableauserver/views/SuperStore/sheet1.png?:iid=2