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Set Up Subscriptions

When users subscribe to a workbook or view, a snapshot of the view is email to them on scheduled basis, so they can see the latest updates without having to sign into Tableau Server. Administrators, project leaders, and content owners have the option to subscribe other users to workbooks and views. For more information, see Subscribe to Views.

As an administrator, you determine whether subscriptions are enabled for a site, and you create the subscription schedules that are available to users. For more information, see Create or Modify a Schedule.


Before users can receive subscriptions, Tableau Server administrators need to put the following things into place:

  • Embed database credentials or don't require them: To email data in a subscribed view, Tableau Server needs to access the data without user involvement. This can be accomplished by using a workbook with embedded database credentials, a Tableau Server data source, or data that doesn't require credentials (such as a file that's included with the workbook at publish time). Users can't subscribe to workbooks that prompt for credentials for live database connections.

  • Ensure that users have necessary permissions, and an email address in Tableau Server: If a user can see a view or workbook on Tableau Server and it has the subscription icon () in the upper right corner, he or she can subscribe to it. The ability to see a view or workbook is controlled by the View permission. A user must also have an email address in their Tableau Server account; if they don't, Tableau Server prompts for one when they subscribe to a view. Users can change their delivery options, unsubscribe, or update their email address on their account settings page.

  • Avoid trusted authentication for embedded views: If you use restricted tickets (the default) to render an embedded view, the Subscribe button doesn't appear.

Configure the server to send subscription emails

  1. In the Tableau Server Configuration utility, click the Alerts and Subscriptions tab, and then select Enable users to receive emails for subscriptions to views.

  2. Configure SMTP Setup.

Enable subscriptions in a site

As an administrator, you decide which sites allow subscriptions.

  1. At the top the browser window, click Settings.

  2. Select Allow users to subscribe to workbooks and views.

  3. Optionally, select Allow content owners to subscribe other users to workbooks and sheets, or enter a site-specific "From" address or message footer.

  4. Click Save.

Test subscriptions in a site

  1. Create a standard user account so you can receive subscriptions. (In the Server Administrator role, you can't.)

  2. Subscribe to a view.

  3. At the top the browser window, click Schedules.

  4. Select the schedule you chose for the subscription, and then click Actions > Run Now.

    A snapshot of the view should be emailed to you within 10 minutes. If you experience an issue, see Troubleshoot Subscriptions.

Manage all user subscriptions

  1. At the top the browser window, click Tasks, and then click Subscriptions.

    All user subscriptions for the current site appear, including information like subscriber name, view name, and delivery schedule.

  2. Select any subscription you want to update. From the Actions menu, select Change Schedule, Change Subject, Change Empty View Mode, or Unsubscribe.

    (The empty-view option sends subscription emails only when data exists in a view. It's a good choice for high-priority alerts.)