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Manage Projects and Project Permissions

As an administrator, you can create projects to hold and organize related content resources. Content resources in Tableau Server are workbooks, views, and data sources, and the projects that hold them.

When you’re signed in to Tableau Server, you access projects from the Content page.

Administrators can do the following with projects:

  • Create projects.

  • Rename projects.

  • Change project owners.

  • Set permissions for projects, designate a project leader, and set default permissions for workbooks and data sources in the project.

  • Lock content permissions.

Project Leader

Users who have the Project Leader permission on a project can do the following tasks with that project and the content published to it:

  • Set default permissions to manage access to the project and its content.

  • Lock permissions to the project, so publishers cannot change permissions on content they own.

  • Move workbooks to another project on which they have Project Leader permissions.

  • Change the project’s name.

  • Change data source and workbook ownership.

  • Run, add, or remove extract refresh schedules.

A project leader does not have to be a user with the Site Administrator site role or the project owner. You can assign the Project Leader role to users with a site role of Interactor or Publisher.

Default project and permissions

Tableau creates a Default project with every site. The Default project serves as a template for new projects in that site. Its settings and permissions are applied to new projects you create, including the default settings for the project’s workbooks and data sources.

Similarly, at the project level, you can set default permissions you want to be applied to all workbooks and data sources published to the project.

Locking project content permissions

You can prevent users from changing the permissions for workbooks and data sources in a project. For example, you can deny publishers the option to set permissions on data sources and workbooks during the publishing process. To do this, you can lock content permissions for that project.

Project permissions can take either of the following states:

  • Locked to the project: Workbook and data source permissions are set and locked at the project level, and they are applied to all workbooks, views, and data sources in the project. Only administrators can modify the settings. Publishers cannot set permissions on their content during the publishing process.

  • Managed by the owner: In this (“unlocked”) state, content permissions remain the same as when the project was locked, but the permissions become editable.

Note: If a workbook or data source with editable permissions is moved to a locked project, the default permissions in the locked project are applied to the moved content and its permissions will then be locked.

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