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Get Started with Tableau Server

Different types of users interact with Tableau Server in different ways. We've organized the documentation for our readers with an eye to what types of tasks different readers are probably interested in.

  • User Help. If you aren't an administrator, but you author and interact with views and data sources on Tableau Server, or share and embed views, see Tableau Help for users. For a list of topics that used to be located in the User Guide section of Tableau Server Help, see Using Tableau on the Web.

  • Site Administrator Guide. The Site Administrator Guide is for people who manage one or more individual sites on Tableau Server—they customize existing sites, add and manage users, manage permissions for users and content, and monitor site usage. Some of the information in this guide is also useful for analysts/authors, who create workbooks and views and publish them (content owners), and for data stewards, who create, manage, and publish data sources.

  • Server Administrator Guide. The Server Administrator Guide is for people who install, configure, and manage Tableau Server itself. Tasks for the server administrator include installing and upgrading the server, managing licensing, backing up the server, adding and managing nodes in a cluster, managing security and authentication (including SSL).

Suggested starting points

The following lists provide suggested starting points and topics of interest in the documentation for each type of user.


Content owners, data stewards, and publishers

Site administrators

Server administrators

If you’re new to being a server administrator, if you’re installing a trial version of Tableau Server, or if you’re an IT pro who wants a high-level overview of the how to install and configure Tableau Server, start here:

This guide walks you through the basic planning and installation tasks for a single-server installation of Tableau Server.

If you are comfortable as a server administrator and if you want more in-depth information about installing and configuring Tableau Server, we recommend the Server Administrator Guide, which provides comprehensive information about how to install, manage, and monitor Tableau Server.

Get information on using Tableau Server

For information on using Tableau Server, click the help menu at the top of the page.

Product version information

To find your Tableau Server version and build number, click About Tableau Server.

Your version and build number appear in the About Tableau Server dialog box:

Version: 2018.1 | Updated on 7/11/2018