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Welcome to Tableau Online

Tableau Online Help

Tableau Online, by Tableau Software®, is a secure, cloud-based solution for sharing, distributing, and collaborating on content created in Tableau.

Find help for how you use Tableau. The sections below represent Tableau user roles. In your organization, your role might correspond directly to one of these, or, more likely, you perform in some capacity in multiple roles.

Data Steward

Create and publish data models (data sources) and keep them fresh.

Get your Data to Tableau Online

Keep Data Fresh

Allow Direct Connections to Data Hosted on a Cloud Platform

Keep Data Fresh (whitelist IP range)

Schedule Extract Refreshes in the Sync Client

Best Practices for Published Data Sources (Tableau Desktop Help)

For all topics, use the Manage Data menu at the top.

Site Administrator

Keep your organization’s Tableau Online site operating smoothly and securely.

Site Administrator Role and Tasks

Enable SAML Authentication on a Site

Use Projects to Standardize Permissions

Content Access and Ownership

Install tabcmd

tabcmd Commands

For all topics, use the Administer a Site menu at the top.

Analyst, Author, Designer

Build and publish views that help your organization make better decisions.

Build Views on the Web

Best Practices for Effective Dashboards

Explore Data in Maps (Tableau Desktop Help)

Work in the Web Authoring Workspace

For all topics, use the Design Views menu at the top.

Business User, Interactor, Consumer

See published data in different ways, get updates delivered to you, discover and share insights.

Interact with Views

Mark Favorites

Embed Views into Webpages

Save Custom Views

For all topics, use the Interact with Views menu at the top.

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