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Install and Configure

Install and Configure

Run Server Setup

Activate Tableau

Activate Tableau Offline

Tableau Server Configuration Utility

General Server Options

Data Connections

Server Crash Reporter


SMTP Setup

Server Alerts

External SSL

Internal SSL




OpenID Connect

Add an Administrator Account

Automated Install

Configuration Options

Registration File Options

Reconfigure the Server

Reconfigure Processes

Changing Authentication

Navigate Server Admin Pages

Add Users to the Server

Extract Refreshes, Subscriptions, and Data-Driven Alerts

Enable Extract Refresh Scheduling and Failure Notification

Create or Modify a Schedule

How Scheduled Tasks are Prioritized

Configure Workbook Performance after a Scheduled Refresh

Ensure Access to Subscriptions and Data-Driven Alerts

Set Up a Server for Subscriptions

Set Up a Server for Data-Driven Alerts

Move Tableau Server to Another Drive


What’s New in Tableau Server

Upgrade Overview

Research the Upgrade

Prepare for the Upgrade

Test the Upgrade

Perform the Upgrade

Special Installation Situations

Troubleshoot Install and Upgrade

Install Tableau Server in a Disconnected (Air-Gapped) Environment

Install Tableau Server in the AWS Cloud

Tableau Server on AWS deployment options

What you need before you begin

Best Practices

Self-deploy a single Tableau Server on AWS

Self-deploy Tableau Server on AWS in a distributed environment

Deploy Tableau Server Using AWS CloudFormation

Securing Tableau Server on AWS

Optimizing Performance

Scaling Tableau Server on AWS

Troubleshooting Tableau Server on AWS