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Sites Overview

The topics in this section describe aspects of working with multiple sites such as which type of authentication is used, as well as things you should know about user licenses, and administrator roles.

If you are not familiar with the concept of sites and how users interact with them and how Tableau Server is used to manage them, read What is a Site? before proceeding.

Authentication and sign-in credentials

All sites on a server use the same Run As User account and user authentication mode. You choose both of these settings when you install Tableau Server. See Configure General Server Options for more information.

Users who belong to more than one site on the same server system use the same credentials for each site. For example, if Jane Smith has a user name of jsmith and a password of MyPassword on Site A, she uses those same credentials on Site B. When she signs in to Tableau Server, she’ll be able to choose which site she wants to access.

The Default site

To help you transition smoothly from a single- to multi-site server system, Tableau Server installs with a site named Default. If you’re running in single-site mode, you don’t need to explicitly use Default, it happens automatically. However, if you add one or more sites, Default becomes one of the sites you can sign in to when you sign in to Tableau Server. Default differs from sites that you add to the system in the following ways:

  • It can never be deleted but, just like sites that you add, it can be renamed.

  • It stores the samples and data connections that ship with Tableau Server.

  • The URL used for Default does not specify a site. For example, the URL for a view named Profits on a site named Sales is http://localhost/#/site/sales/views/profits. The URL for this same view on the Default site would be http://localhost/#/views/profits.

Site administrator and server administrator site roles

There are two types of administrators in Tableau Server, server administrators and site administrators. For each site, server administrators can control whether site administrators can add and remove users for the sites they manage (select Site <name> > Settings).

If Only server administrators is selected, site administrators cannot add or remove site users. However, they can still manage groups, projects, workbooks, and data connections within their site. If Server and site administrators is selected (the default), site administrators can do all of the above, and add or remove users.

Licensing and user limits

Users can belong to multiple sites, with different site roles and permissions on each site. A user who belongs to several sites, however, does not need a license for each site. Each server user only needs one license.

Server administrators can use the Limit number of users setting (select Site <name> > Settings) to specify a user limit for the site. Only licensed users are counted; server administrators are excluded. For example, if a site has 90 licensed users, 20 unlicensed users, and one server administrator, the user count is 90. If Limit number of users is set to 100, 10 more licensed users can be added.